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0 to 100 - Drake (x)

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Believe Me - Lil Wayne ft Drake

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Flying Cars Predicted In Two Years: What Then?

People are already putting down money for self-driving flying cars. Are American motorists up to the challenge?

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They’ve only been around just over two years, but our ‪#‎BeerNeighbors‬ atSociete Brewing Company have amassed a cult following with stellar IPAs, lesser-explored Belgian ales, stouts and barrel-aged sours. Definitely worth a visit! http://www.societebrewing.com

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Impressionist Paintings Are Seen Clearly Through Glasses in Clever Ad Campaign for Eyeglass Retailer



Credit: Viktor Korostynski via (500px)

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Seth Rogen, Snoop, Cross Joints & Chronic GGN

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Egyptian Theater, Dekalb, Illinois
Photo by Terrence Faircloth 

Gorgeous “Egyptian” Art Deco.

From Flickr:

Art deco theater building with glazed terra cotta ornamentation in DeKalb, Illinois. These lavishly decorated theaters were referred to as “Popcorn Palaces” by those who appreciated the style.

P.S. Now that I am freed from the alphabet, I can do things like post a ton of photos in a row by one photographer. Which you will see me do now…